Sunday, November 23, 2008

So . . . sore . . .

So, Friday night was an interesting night.  I met up with my Democrat buddies, and we hung out all night for the first time since the election.  Pizza hut (ack), a movie (Role Models . . . HILARIOUS!), and karaoke and dancing.  And dancing.  And more dancing.  

Have I ever told you guys that I like to dance?  

Well, I do, but it's been a while for me.  Let me just tell you, my muscles aren't too happy with me!  I am SO SORE!!!  

Since I've been so busy with everything lately, my life has been a little more sedate than I'd prefer.  My muscles are no longer used to actually doing WORK.  They've been living the easy life.  So, when "Baby Got Back" came on, and I couldn't resist making a fool out of myself and danced my little behind off, I overdid it just a bit . . . I'm paying for it now.  I can hardly go down the stairs!  If I end up sitting on the floor for some reason, Lord only knows how I'll get back up!  

But it was SO worth it.  It's been quite some time since I've had this much fun.  I can't wait to do it again!  

I got a few pictures with my iPhone, but they're HORRIBLE quality!  

My favorite picture of the night: Mike, my dance partner, and Brian . . . the little and the big, together in one picture! (watch Role Models, you'll understand that one! :P 


Brian, workin' the hat.  Brian loves his hat.  


So does Mike, apparently. (I REALLY wish this one was taken with a better camera!)


Mike loves Karaoke.  This is one of the many MANY songs that he butchered.  (By butchered, I mean changed all of the words to it to create his own funny song . . . made for a lot of laughs, actually!)


Brie and Brian


Ha, the look he's giving me makes me laugh! :P 


No pictures of me.  It was strange . . . I looked good that night, but every picture I took of me I looked like hell! 

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