Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Last Lecture

Another powerful and moving thing I took from class today was The Last Lecture.  We only watched the first 20 minutes in class, but I just couldn't wait to finish watching it when I got home. 

The premise behind The Last Lecture is basically asking teachers the question: "If you knew you were about to give your last lecture, what would you talk about?" 

Well, in Randy Pausch's case, it wasn't a very far stretch.  At the time of this lecture, he'd been diagnosed with cancer and only had a few months to live.  

His lecture is about achieving your childhood dreams.  He talks about his childhood dreams, how he went about achieving each of them, and how he helped others achieve thiers.  He delivers his message in a unique and profound way, and kept me laughing throughout the entire thing.  So many of the things he says made me stop and go "Wow . . . I never thought about it that way."  

I sat here glued to my computer screen, soaking in every last bit of wisdom he had to dole out (which was a pretty generous helping) until the very end.  I'm now sitting here with tears streaming down my face after watching this heartfelt and profound lecture.  

It's long, I know, but please watch it.  Break it up into segments if you have to, but watch it.  And then send it along to everyone you know, and urge them to watch it.  

Randy died in July of this year.  What he has left behind is nothing short of an unforgettable, phenomenal legacy.  

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