Friday, August 22, 2008

Ich erlerne Deutsches.

I'm sure I probably butchered that title. Well, Babelfish did, that is. I only just finished my first week of class! I can't translate that on my own yet!

I'm both really excited and really nervous about learning German. Why am I nervous, you ask? Because in the class in order to demonstrate what I've (not) learned, I have to speak German OUTLOUD in front of the entire class. See, I suffer from a condition commonly known as Mindus Blankus. When I'm put on the spot, my mind goes blank, and rather than responding to the question 'Wie heißen Sie?' with 'Ich heiße Corry', I instead reply with 'uhhh . . . um . . . what was the question again?'

We've only had 4 class meetings so far, and I'm sure I'll start to get over my stage fright. I think.

I told Joe how I was feeling, and he replied with "Oh, I spent the entire semester feeling nervous in class!'

Oh. Great.

I am pretty excited though. In order to help me learn more quickly, I changed my phone's language to German. I discovered today, however, that it means that the auto-correct feature that is supposed to help reduce my typos is in German, as well . . . and since I'm typing in English, it thinks most of my words are spelled wrong! So I have to type even more slowly so I can stop it from auto-correcting.

So, those of you whom I text or email often, don't be surprised if my messages are written in Germenglish.


That's all for today, folks! I'm off to the science lab to do my Geology lab assignment, and then my first week back at school will be concluded . . . and I feel GREAT!

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