Saturday, August 30, 2008

I don't think I've craved something so strongly . . .

. . . that smelled SO BAD.  

When I was with my ex-boyfriend, one of the things I always liked about thier family get-togethers is that, quite often they'd include Bunya Calda on the menu.  

For those of you who don't know what Bunya Calda is, let me give you a couple of the key ingredients: 


Garlic (LOTS of it)

I know, I know . . . you see the word 'anchovies' and you instantly cringe, but you've gotta give it a chance!  It's a dish delicious enough that people will make it with the knowledge that thier house will smell like garlicky fish for days afterwards! 

I don't know the exact recipe that my ex's family used . . . I know it had garlic and anchovies and butter and cream . . . I'm finding recipes online that call for cream of mushroom soup, or olive oil but not cream.  I would love to find something similar to what I had . . . I don't want to stink up my apartment and have it suck!  

However, a friend linked me to the following recipe: that is from a restaraunt he tried it at, and he said it was AMAZING . . . so I just might have to try it.  

So, if in the near future you see me on the street, smiling and stinking to high heaven, you know it means I satisfied my monstrous craving! :P 

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