Thursday, May 22, 2008

Something to think about

You have probably heard, at one time or another, a story similar to the one I am about to recount . . . or perhaps you've recieved one of those mass email forwards like it.

You know what I'm talking about . . . those stories that remind you to be a good person and try your best all of the time, not just when you know you're being watched. The ones that talk about the teenaged fast food employee that was rude to the customer in his line at McDonalds, only to find out later that the customer was his new girlfriend's father . . . or to strike you even deeper, there is the story about the beggar on the street that you passed by without giving change to, only to find out later that the beggar was God, and he was testing you. (Ok, I'm sure you get the point by now . . . we've all gotten those forwards, right?)

I have recently had a somewhat similar situation in which putting all of my effort into something may have benefited me greatly in a totally unrelated way.

On Monday, as I announced here on this blog, I recieved a letter in the mail stating that I was the winner of a $2,000 scholarship that is offered by a group right here on my college campus. In order to get this scholarship, I had to fill out an application, write an essay, and have a teacher nominate me.

Now, as you know from what I have told you in this blog, I put a lot of energy into my writing (well, into my serious writing, not necessarily always into my blog writing) and I feel a deep sense of pride when I feel I've produced a quality piece of work. This scholarship essay was no different. I put a lot of thought into it, and did my best to give the committee that would review the essay a good taste of ME. I wanted to make it very person, yet professoinal at the same time.

Aside from the essay, the letters of recomendation, I felt, were a big part of the process, as well. The teacher I asked to nominate me noticed that more than one faculty member could do so, and because I have put so much effort into my schoolwork, I had my choice of teachers who were more than willing to help me out.

Reading that letter that said that I had won the scholarship was all I needed to tell me that my hard work and dedication is paying off.

However, what I didn't expect was that the effort I put into getting that scholarship would help me in other areas of my life, as well.

A few weeks ago I interviewed for a job in one of the offices here at the college. I felt the interview went well, and in the end, I did get the job. Yesterday, my new boss was congratulating me on getting the scholarship, and he told me what a wonderful application I had.

It turns out, he was on the committee to choose the recipient. So aside from interviewing me for the job, he had read my application for the scholarship, read my entire life story, and knew of my dreams and aspirations as well as my weaknesses and challenges.

I can't help but wonder if the scholarship application had any effect on his decision to hire me. Whether it did or not, the possibiity is there, and it is a very strong reminder to me to do my best all of the time, and to treat people with kindess and respect all of the time.

You never know of the person you are assisting while doing your job at Target is your future mother-in-law. Or perhaps that person you were rude to on the street will be deciding factor on your acceptance into an exclusive club or prestigious job.

Even the tiniest of things you do can affect major aspects of your life.

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