Friday, May 23, 2008

Looking forward

Considering the fact that I have only just started college this past fall, and I have a good 9 years ahead of me before I am finished, it is both inspirational and daunting to think about the fact that my best friend graduated from his five year music and recording sciences program yesterday.

I've only known him for the last 2 1/2 years of his 5 year journey, but it was more than enough to see how hard he worked to get where he is now. From the brain draining math classes at Hopkins to his senior clarinet recital last year, he has served as an inspiration and a role model to me to put the same effort into my own studies.

I wasn't able to be there to share this incredibly important day with him, and for that I am very sorry. I know that he understands and is ok with it, but I also know that when the time comes for me to graduate, I would be heartbroken if he was not there to see me. Afterall, I wouldn't even BE where I am now if not for him.

Joe, I have little doubt that you will go on from here to succeed in life, and that you will be able to achieve whatever dreams you still have growing inside of your heart.

I'm so very proud of you, and congratulations on achieving such an amazing and honorable feat!

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