Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So uh....yeah...yesterday was a great day in many many ways, scarred by just ONE BIG BAD THING. My %#@*ING CAR!!! It's in the shop. Again. I had to miss school because of it. Unfortunately, the mechancic can't get to it until at least 3pm today (I called at 9am). I am praying it's not too terribly expensive or difficult to fix. I'm still paying off the repairs from last September!

I find it interesting how my life right now is so full of things that are out of this world amazing, and at the same time I'm weighed down by so many significantly negative things. It's like God, or fate, or destiny, or whatever it is that is that is in control of my life, just KNOWS that the bad things that are going on are so great that I wouldn't be able to survive them without the good things to balance it out.

*sigh* Enough of me complaining. THIS will get you laughing! My buddy Sky shared this with me the other night. The talented folks at Prangstgrup created this incredibly entertaining prank called Lecture Musical! I couldn't stop laughing when I watched it! Something like this needs to happen during my Biology lecture! :P

Without further ado:

The version on Prangstgrup's website is higher quality, but I didn't see a way to embed it. ;)

Hope you enjoyed it!

EDIT: Seems the video I had on here stopped working, so, trying it again! :D

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