Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another case of the good swooping in to balance out the bad...

The bad:

I have a three page paper on the short story "Desiree's Baby," by Kate Chopin, due tomorrow at eleven o'clock.  Normally, I would have had it done three or for days before it's due, but it just didn't quite work that way this time.  So on Sunday I set about trying to get most of it done once I got home from work.  Thaaat didn't work out so well.  It just wasn't coming to me.  

That's ok...I had all day Monday off from both school and work (yay for presidents!).  I would have to work really hard, but I could get it pretty much done in one day.  

So, at around two o'clock or so, I sat down to begin trying to set a thesis statement in stone to provide a basis for my essay.  I tried, and erased, tried, and erased, tried, and erased, rinse and repeat.  Nothing was working out.  

I finally gave up at five A.M.

No, that's not a typo.  


That equates to ONE HOUR OF SLEEP!

The better:

I had an appointment already set up in the writing center at school with my English teacher/friend from last semester to go over my 'final' draft that I didn't have.  Since I didn't have that, the appointment then became a 'help Corry focus and find a thesis to start from' session.  

It worked, I now have a rough thesis, and a much clearer focus...I have a full night of work ahead of me, but I can do it now.  


On my way home from school, I stopped at the post office to pick up my mail.  In it was an envelope from school.  Hoping that the school decided to send out financial aid checks REALLY EARLY (they didn't), I opened it before I even got out of the post office lobby...though the envelope didn't contain the financial aid check, what WAS inside was just as good...better, in fact....

I mentioned a few weeks ago in this blog that I got accepted to the honors program...well, when I signed up, I also applied for the honors program half-time tuition waiver, and...(have you guessed what I'm about to say?)...


I'll try not to squish anyone while I'm perched upon my seat on top of the world.  :)

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