Tuesday, January 15, 2008

School days....

School is in full swing now, and I'm burying myself in it the best I can.  In the past week, I've managed to somewhat successfully pull myself out the the pit I'd been in for the last month and a half.  This does't mean that the emotional pain I have been enduring since November 30th is gone, it simply means I have found a new way to cope with it, and am doing my best to become a stronger person because of it.  

I have 18 credit hours this semester, and I am also finishing up an incomplete I had to take due to missing so much class at the end of last semester...so it's more like I'm taking 22 hours.  

Friday I picked up an application for the Honors Program...if accepted, I will be in yet another class. I think I have a fair chance at getting in.  I am in the middle of putting the final touches on my application essay, and so far, I've gotten a very good response from everyone I've asked to look it over.  I will soon be writing more essays for scholarship applications, as well, so it's also good practice.  

And on top of all of that, I am joining the Psychology club and the Trio leadership program, as well.  

So, my therapy has been school, and so far it's working well.  

It also doesn't hurt that a good portion of my support system throughout all of this resides right there in that building.  As I was going through the beginning of this saga during the final weeks of last semester, I spent much of my time in the offices of my counselor and my English teacher.  Both were tremendously helpful in keeping me on track, while at the same time simply being there to talk.  

Even throughout the winter break, I was in touch regularly with my English teacher, updating him on Nicole, and releasing my frustrations and fears via the keyboard of my computer.  It is hard to describe exactly how much the small gesture of simply allowing me to write helped me to get through such a difficult time.  

Sometimes it almost feels wrong to feel happy about something good that was born as a result of something as horrible as Nicole's accident...but the truth is, good things have resulted.  I feel it has given me the opportunity to forge a new bond with the aforementioned teacher...he has become someone for me to look up to...a mentor.  

I am quite happy with where my life is going right now, and even happier that I have such tremendously good people to help me along the way.  

And hopefully I will still be able to find time in between the classes and the clubs and work and the occasional night's sleep to get my butt in gear when it comes to keeping this blog updated!  

Thanks for listening, folks...I appreciate it!  

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