Saturday, March 24, 2007


To say I've traveled a lot in the past year, is a bit of an understatement. Since April 2006, I have gone on 6 trips, and in 3 days, I'll have gone on 7. I have been to Washington DC (twice), Baltimore (four times, soon to be 5), Philadelphia, Houston and Galveston (twice), San Antonio, Boston, Dallas, and New York City. It has been an amazing journey...truly. I don't regret it a bit.

However, it has taken it's toll on my wallet. Since January, I've been looking for a 3rd part time job to help alleviate the costs of traveling. Unfortunately, not many people want to hire someone that has 2 jobs already, and isn't available 24 hours out of the I haven't been very successful. And isn't exactly the time of year that is busy in retail, and I figure retail is the best bet for fitting the hours I am available.

I thought I finally was going to get a break about a month ago...I had an interview with Bath and Body Works. I was very confident about it....I have good experience in retail, I felt I interviewed well, and I felt I did well on the floor test, where they put me on the floor to interact with customers. However, I did not get a call back.

I decided that if I didn't get a job soon, I was going to start applying at the places I didn't prefer to work at.

Then I remembered I hadn't applied at Target yet. It wasn't my first choice, as I don't have experience in bigger stores...I'd been applying at smaller stores with smaller staffs. A week or so ago, I was in Target, and asked for an application at customer service....they said they didn't have paper applications...nor could you apply online. So, I planned to come back when I had the time.

Yesterday, a friend told me Target was that put my butt in gear. I got up this morning, drove to town, and applied. When I finished filling out the application, they gave me my first interview.....and then my second interview.....I believe the exact words that came out of the mouth of the director of HR, who gave me my second interview, were, "I'm loving you! I'd like to extend you a conditional job offer right now!".

...already went to the hospital for my drug screening...they'll run the background check on the day of orientation (those are the 'conditions'...of which I'm not worried about!)....and I start April 4th! :D


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You rock!