Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Maybe I should just hitchhike.

I come from a town so small, there isn't even a stoplight. You can drive all the way through town without having to stop once...unless you get in a lineup behind a slow-moving tractor, that is.

I learned to drive in an old beater car on even older country roads. I'm now 24...and I'm about to drive in Chicago for the FIRST TIME. I've explored every possible option I can think of to get out of it...shuttles are WAY too expensive...parking in a suburb and taking the train (and then getting on the subway) doesn't seem like it'll be much easier to drive, and WAY more hassle. And no one is available to drive me. :S

So I'm sucking it up, and I'm driving. It's not like I'm going deep into Chicago..I get off of I-55 onto S. Central Ave, drive maybe 1/4 of a mile, then turn onto 47th...my destination is 1/2 way up the road. SO WHY AM I FREAKING OUT SO MUCH!? It's still 16 days away, but just thinking about it and researching it today, my stomach is in knots. I keep envisioning horrible scenarios in my head....a flat tire...my car stalls at a stoplight....or somehow, even as EASY as those directions are, I get lost! I'm so afraid I'll do something stupid and miss my plane (the absolute WORST scenario).

Maybe I'll take up yoga over the next two weeks...meditate...anyone have any xanax?

Ok, I'm off to schedule a complete checkup of my car.


Faulkner7 said...

Just remember that if you hitchhike, show plenty of cleavage. It'll cut down the time you spend waiting for a ride like in half. I'm a bad influence, aren't I?

Corry said...

Yes, faulkner...you are a HORRIBLE influence...and I love it! :P

Joe said...

Hehe...you drove through some pretty big areas on the big trip to Baltimore...you'll do fine :)

moosie_love said...

I hate, hate, hate driving around town...but I love, love, love leisurely drives on dirt roads, and I also love road trips.

Once you get on the road, all the anxiety will be gone. You will have a wonderful time, road trip included!

And I think you should tape a "Show me your boobs" sign to your window!