Thursday, February 18, 2010

My February Phone Curse

Last February I posted about dropping my iPhone and smashing the screen.  

Today, history repeated itself, only thankfully on a much cheaper phone.  

It fell under my recliner, and when I rocked forward to get up, I crushed it. The display lights up, but the phone doesn't work, unlike the iPhone, that works perfectly fine to this day. (As evidenced by the fact that these grainy pictures were TAKEN with the iPhone).

So, tomorrow I get to buy another cheapo phone to replace it, as I can't go without SOMETHING. Not exactly something I can afford right now. (If it was, I'd still have the iPhone hooked up!)

Before the cracked screen of my iPhone, I'd NEVER damaged any of the phones I've ever had. Though I guess it goes along with my ever-growing bad luck aura.


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Digital Flower Pictures said...

Always ask your provider if they can give you a deal on a new phone. I know after killing quite a few of them at work. The last time Verizon gave me a $100 off but I had to sign a new (and better ) contract. Net cost for new phone, $59.00.