Saturday, June 07, 2008

Greatest. Video. Ever.

So, last night...or...ok, very early this morning, while chatting with my friend, Chris, he linked me to a Youtube video and said "I think you might dig this."  

Now, Chris claims to know me well, but he undermines this idea with the words "think" and "might."

How can you send me the greatest youtube video of all time, and say "I think you might dig this?"  

The proper way to communicate such a thing over the internet would have been something along the lines of "OMGZORS!!!!11!!1!!!  YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS NOW!!!11!!1!!!1!"

The following video has got to contain the largest congregation of youtube stars that has ever been compiled into one video.  I have watched it more than a dozen times, and I still have not caught all of the references...from Numa Numa to Charlie the Unicorn to Evolution of's all there!  

(Is my youtube addiction showing?)

So, without any further ado...I give you Weezer's music video for thier new song, "Pork and Beans"

Now, my challenge to all of YOU, is to name as many youtube references as you can find.  And link me to them.  There are some I don't know. :P

I mean, seriously folks...they're playing the drums with lightsabers...what could be more genius than that?

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