Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I hate algebra, and algebra hates me...

. . . but we've learned to co-exist over the years.  We have an understanding -- It keeps it's distance and does it's own thing, and I do the same.  It's a beautiful relationship, really.  We know each other's lines, and we do not cross them.  

But then in saunters this thing called 'college,' messing up the natural balance of things. College, in it's infinite wisdom, seems to think I -- a psychology major --  need to be well versed in not only algebra, but calculus, as well.  Cuz, you know . . . knowing how to solve systems of equations is a vital skill when it comes to mastering play therapy with children.  

Algebra and I are currently in a full out battle to the death . . . ninja style.  

It silently turns my brain to mush, while I butcher it until it resembles something akin to a phone book that's been run through the shredder.  Twice.  

This could be interesting to watch.  Perhaps I should sell tickets.  

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