Thursday, March 20, 2008

School, Baltimore, Quart-sized Long Island Iced Tea, and more!

I think it's probably pretty easy to see what get's neglected first when things get busy.  This poor blog gets forgotten about so quickly!  

What's been keeping me away?  Well, the things in the subject title, for one!  

The past several weeks have been a contest to see how little sleep I can get by with, without inadvertantly killing myself.  So far it's Sleepless Me-1, Death-0.  Yay me!  

At school it's seeming like as soon as one huge paper or assignment is out of the way, another one gets in line.  Before long, I really do think I'll be able to write these things in my sleep.  It doesn't help that I tend to procrastinate and put them off until the last minute.  

It also doesn't help that I've met a new guy, and we seem to be inclined to talk online until 2am everynight, and I ignore and put off homework even further.  (Don't worry, it's still getting done!  I'm sacrificing sleep, not homework!)

....but as stressful as that all sounds....I've been feeling more at peace than ever.  

Things have just been going well.  Even when they aren't.  I doubt that makes sense, but you'll just have to take it for what it is! :P

3 weeks after he asked me out, I finally got my first date with Chris this past Friday.  As I've said, we've already been talking for hours and hours online the past few weeks. so we've gotten to know each other a bit.  I was kinda glad that we planned it so far in advance (we're busy people!), because it allowed the anticipation to grow.  

The actual date went very well. :) A nice dinner at Logan's Roadhouse, ice cream at Coldstone Creamery, drinks at Mulligan's, home of the quart sized Long Island knock-me-on-my-ass Iced tea (it was tasty), and then off to see a movie.  We saw "Semi-pro" was HILARIOUS.  Coulda been the alcohol (don't worry, I was the only one that was knocked on my ass!  He was a good designated driver), of course. :P

We talked and laughed and had a great time.  He was a perfect gentleman, opening my car door and everything.  

Date #2 is forthcoming. ;) I will be cooking him a belated birthday dinner, since I'm missing his birthday by being in Baltimore for spring break (hey! I didn't know it was his birthday when I made the plans!)

....whiiiich brings us to now.  I arrived in Baltimore yesterday afternoon, and I'll be here until Monday.  I haven't seen Joe in SIX MONTHS!!!!  Longest we've ever gone in the time we've been friends without seeing each other. It feels SO great to be in a city again, and it's awesome to get to spend time with my best friend again.  I've missed him. :) is busy, but good.  :)

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